Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s The Catch?

    There is none. Direct Primary Care = great medical care at a reasonable cost without any hidden fees or contracts.

  • What Does The DPC Membership Fee Cover?

    Please read about our services here.

  • Do I Have To Pay An Additional Fee For Office Visits?

    No. Office visits are covered under your monthly DPC membership.

  • Do You Accept Insurance Or Medicare?

    No. We cut out the middleman and work directly with patients on payments.

  • Are Patients Required To Have Insurance To Become A Member?

    You do not need to have insurance to join Milepost Medical. However, we are not an insurance company and do not provide insurance. We recommend having at least catastrophic insurance coverage for those unanticipated medical issues which can arise that cannot be handled by Milepost Medical. One never plans to get into a car accident, to have one’s appendix removed, or to have a heart attack, but these issues happen, and those large medical issues are what insurance covers best.

  • What About The Medications, Tests, Or Referrals That You Order? Will Insurance Still Pay For Those Things Even Though You Don’t Accept Insurance?

    Yes. Our not accepting insurance does not affect payment of things ordered by Milepost Medical. All tests and medications are covered by your insurance, just as they are now.

  • I Have ______ Insurance – Can I Join Milepost Medical?


  • I Have Medicare/Medicaid – Can I Join Milepost Medical?


  • I Don’t Have Any Insurance – Can I Join Milepost Medical?


  • I saw this guy on Hannity...Dr. Josh Ummm...Umberger...Umbehr with this practice in Kansas. Have you considered doing his thing?

    Dr. Josh Umbehr with Atlas MD has been featured many times on Hannity's TV and radio shows (one recent episode linked here with Dr. Josh's segment starting at about 85 minutes and 15 seconds) touting the benefits of direct primary care.  Yes, this is the same concept we do!  In fact, we modeled Milepost Medical after Atlas MD and strive to provide the same level of service and care that Dr. Josh and his gang provide their patients!

  • I own a business. Do you offer your services to businesses for their employees?

    Yes, we do!  Just call us at 832-912-4820 or email Dr. Amie to get more details.

  • Can I Just Pay To See You When I Need To?

    No. We do not operate as an urgent care; our business model is like a gym membership. We want to create relationships with our patients for the long term. You must pay the membership fee, so you have access to medical care when you need it, in whatever manner is most convenient for you.

  • What If I Am Happy With My Current Primary Care Doctor And Just Want To See You For A Sleep Consultation Or For A Flight Physical?

    We’ve got you covered. If all you need is a sleep consultation, the initial visit is $175 and follow-up visits are just$75 per visit. If you only need an FAA flight physical, that is $175/exam (with or without EKG). You do not have to be a member to obtain either of these services.





18220 State Highway 249
Suite 335
Houston, Texas 77070

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday:  8 AM – 5 PM 

Available outside these hours by special appointment. 

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