Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care’s revolutionary model of healthcare puts the patient first in every way possible. It advocates a patient-doctor relationship that emphasizes communication, and as a result fosters proactive and personalized treatment plans.  Direct primary care, just like Dr. Josh Umbehr's practice, Atlas MD, as seen on Hannity, focuses on the patient without the limitations or restrictions of insurance companies.

Fewer Patients = More Time for Each One

Did you know the traditional physician cares for 2,500 patients or more in their practice? Traditional medicine practices squeeze in an appointment every 7 minutes on average! That’s not a lot of time to get to the bottom of healthcare issues, much less take a proactive approach to impending issues.

In the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, physicians limit themselves to only about 600 patients, so they have plenty of time to spend with each one. DPC physicians are much more accessible to their patients, even after hours.

Savings Everywhere You Look

In addition to providing truly personalized healthcare, DPC works directly with patients on payments rather than using a insurance middleman. By paying a monthly membership for Milepost Medical services, and maintaining a wrap-around insurance plan for emergencies, patients actually save money! Plus, DPC clinics negotiate discounts and wholesale prices on things like labs and imaging. They pass those savings right on to patients!

See the Benefits in all their Glory

  • Direct access to your doctor.
  • Extended and relaxed visits.
  • Same business-day service and scheduling.
  • House calls (with prior arrangement).
  • Phone and E-mail visits.

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18220 State Highway 249
Suite 335
Houston, Texas 77070

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday:  8 AM – 5 PM 

Available outside these hours by special appointment. 

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